All Things Wild

A World of Texture and Colour with Every Stroke

Prints from 'Mother Bird' and 'By the Coast' series are now available in 2 sizes.
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Meet the Artist
Lebanese, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Perla is a palette knife painter, urban designer and sustainable development activist. Her artwork is inspired by the movements and textures found in everyday encounters with nature and wildlife...

...and birds: in their songs, their colours and patterns, and most of all, their freedom in flight.

Why I Paint~
In some way, I was always drawn to the arts. I have explored its various types throughout different stages of my life whether with dancing, playing the piano, writing poems, working as an architect and eventually painting.

Palette knife painting gives me the freedom to express ideas in textures and colours with little focus on fine lines and clean edges. And I love that; how it allows me to capture the movement in the natural world and the liveliness in the moments that inspire me.

And I want to share those moments with you.
Want to work together?
I love collaborating with other brands, artists and community groups who share the same passion for nature and wildlife!

Whether that means murals, artistic projects in all their shapes and forms, exhibitions or media, I'd love to hear from you.
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom